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We are creating financial freedom around the world

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NTSFinancial was founded on the idea that everyone should have access to top of the line financial Services. Our team is working hard to create cryptocurrency exchange, banking services, social media platform, and our own blockchain. Our financial network will be easy for anyone to pick up and start using, you will be able to connect your bank account you already use and easily transfer money back and forth.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to create financial freedom around the world for everyone.

With over 1.9 billion people unbanked it is our mission to solve that problem. Our team is working on creating the all in one solution including cryptocurrency exchange, banking system, news, casino and more.


NTSFinancial will be fully transparent and share the following
1. How much is backed by our stablecoin.
2. What assets we hold
3. Monthly revenue
4. Partners we work with
5. What we plan to do with rest of newstokens

Transparency is key to a successful company and a positive experience for the users. Being honest and truthful is what makes us different from the rest.

Our Goal

To obtain following licenses
1. Banking License
2. Money Exchange license
3. Proper permits to work in all countries
4. Brokerage License


Our Financial Network

Asset Management

We will offer a wide range of asset management tools so you get the most out of what you own. Trade and invest in gold, silver, stocks, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and more.

Checking Account

Open up a checking account today and start banking in cryptocurrency.

Savings Account

Deposit the currency of your choice and convert to our stablecoin or our erc20 token NewsTokens and open up a traditional savings account. If you hold our stablecoin in your account you can earn 8% yearly in newstokens.

Debit Card

Easily spend your money world wide and no longer worry about converting.

Cryptocurrency Exchange is our own cryptocurrency exchange were users can easily trade newstokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Our Own Blockchain

Soon newstokens will swap to its on blockchain were we will have cheap fees and be able to mine the remaining supply.

Capital Funding

Need funding for your project? Send us your pitch deck and we might consider investing in your company.