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Business Overview

NTSFinancial was founded on the idea that cryptocurrency and financial services should be easy for everyone to access. The traditional financial system is outdated and needs updated to fit the current market. We are working hard to bring you combination of financial services and tech services to give you an edge over any other provider. We are currently in the process of building the following:

  1. Altcoins.one- almost completed 
  2. NTSBanking- under development 
  3. NewsTokens Casino- live beta
  4. Crypto Connect, live beta
  5. EasySearch web platform- under development

All platforms will utilize our own utility token that will make it easy for everyone to access there money worldwide. You will no longer need to use fiat currencies in order to spend and save your money.



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Join our growing network today and get your project ahead of the game. We offer a wide range of benefits including:

Get your custom page made to your liking, include information about project, social media and price tracker.
Get your project listed and fast tracked to creating your own market pair on altcoins.one.
Submit as many news articles as you want to.
Unlimited banner advertisement on all platforms.
Social media marketing
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Token Listing

Altcoins.one will be our very own Cryptocurrency exchange that you will be easily able to trade newstokens or our stablecoin. Altcoins.one will also utilize newstokens by using at the listing fee token. Listing fee will cost $160 pre launch and be $200 after launch. You can also have the option to create your own market pair after you have listed your token with newstokens, and had $1,000 a month in trading volume.

Banking Plans

NTSBanking will let you open up a traditional checking/savings account and deposit your fiat and choose between our stablecoin our utility token. When you hold your money in our savings account you will earn 8% yearly. You can also choose to spend with our unique debits that work just like any other bank card.

Asset Management

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HydroTwitter Website Telegram
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Our Mission Statement

Creating FInancial Freedom For Everyone

We want to make it easy for everyone to access financial services. NTSFinancial will be the all in one platform to make that happen.

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