What is NewsTokens?


Learn About How NewsTokens Will be distribution will work.

Token Distribution

1. 10,000 tokens will be saved for yearly interest on NTSBanking and given to users who hold on savings account.

2. 5,000 tokens saved for sign up bonuses for crypto connect and casino.

Distribution Bonus

We have many ways you can earn NewsTokens.

1. Earn $0.10 in NewsTokens for every new sign up you refer on Crypto Connect.

2. Earn Sign Up bonuses on newstokens casino.

Token Burn

1. Every 3 months we will take 1 percent of tokens used at the store and burn them.

2. When we swap to BSC every transaction will have 1 percent burn.

NewsTokens Information

NewsTokens Ethereum ERC20
Etherscan Contract 0x94B593002a327f2A3f1B190c50D3bcc8b869B5F5
Token Supply 100,000
Release Date
Token Distribution A total of  25,000 tokens will distributed to community. Remaining tokens will be saved for team members and marketing.

Trading Pairs

Trading Pairs