$10.00 / 30 days

Join The monthly membership and gain access to unique benefits.


  1. Trading fees waived on
  2. Faster Support
  3. More Trading Options
  4. Access To All Podcasts And News Articles
  5. Free Shipping On All Products
  6. 5,000 free credits extra monthly on the casino
  7. 5 extra raffle tickets weekly

Coming Soon

1.  Leaderboard of top Traders- Coming Soon
2. Vote to make changes to business- Coming Soon
3.  Get your NTSBanking checking and savings account $10 fee waived. Coming Soon
4. Free shipping on all products
5. Access to buying and selling NFTS- Coming Soon.

6. Pay an extra $5 and receive your luxury VIP card that shows your rank and membership. This card will also gain benefits in the future like free access to the VIP center and access to all conventions we will have.


Make sure to click on virtual goods and services when using paypal checkout.

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