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NTSFinancial was founded on the idea that cryptocurrency should be easily accessible to everyone. We are working hard to bring you financial freedom and give you the option to spend your money the way you want to. Gone are the days of needing to worry about converting money, signing up to multiple platforms and getting many different debit and credit cards. Our Financial service will make it so you can do all that in one platform, we will have NTSBanking and together they will create a user friendly experience. With NTSBanking you will be able to easily open up a checking and savings account like a normal bank. We will have our own Stablecoin that your fiat money will be converted into. Having our stablecoin will make it easier to no longer worry about how and where you spend your money. NTSBanking offers many unique benefits that most banks do not have including,  8% yearly in interest when you hold our stablecoin in a savings account. Instant access to easily converting your money back to fiat our cryptocurrencies if you choose to.

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Mission Statement

1. Making it easy to access cryptocurrency world wide to people who need it the most.
2. Bring financial freedom and stability through our platforms.


Our goal is to become a fully regulated platform including our exchange and banking service. We want to work with governments world wide make that happen.

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