NTSFinancial was founded on the idea that cryptocurrency should be easy for everyone to access. The traditional financial system is outdated and needs to change to help the millions if not billions of unbanked people. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to open up a checking and savings account and start trading and spending your money worldwide. Gone are the days of needing to convert money to spend it, simply choose between our stablecoin or our utility token NewsTokens and start earning 8% yearly on your account. NTSFinancial is working on creating many systems to make the financial ecosystem possible. We are building our cryptocurrency exchange, banking system, casino, price tracking, news site, and cryptocurrency. Together these projects will work to make financial freedom possible.



NewsTokens is a utility token with a 100k supply and no ico. It was created to bridge the gap in the traditional finance field. NewsTokens will feature cross-chain in many platforms including, BSC, TRC20, WAVES, CARDANO, and more coming soon. We also will feature our native chain that will offer smart contracts and low gas fees and make this a truly powerful ecosystem. People wanting to create tokens of their own will easily be able to and have access to all our services. You can bank, get loans, gamble, and spend NewsTokens just like a normal currency. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, we are deflationary where every transaction that happens has a fee and we take 1% fee and burn the tokens. This helps make the token have even more value because no new tokens can be minted in the future.


Business Plan

NewsTokens is much more than a speculative asset. We are working on creating a truly unique and easily accessible financial system for everyone. With these systems, newstokens will create a working business model to success. Listing on altcoins. one requires you to hold 200 NewsTokens to get listed on the exchange. This will help create scarcity for the token supply. Once a project owner sells the token they get delisted. Once you are listed on our exchange you may create your market pair by paying $200 in any top 100 coins. After listing, you can also add a coin to the market pair for $10. This will help create revenue for the business without affecting the token price long term. Play And Earn- Soon NewsTokens casino will be moved to the exchange where users can play Dice, lucky wheel, Raffles, and Slots. More games will be added over time. The first two tokens playable will be NewsTokens and Dappcents. Unlike other social media platforms that go against cryptocurrency promoters, we welcome them. We reward them for being active by tipping NewsTokens and other cryptocurrencies. Users with the biggest hashtags at the end of the day win the pot from the exchange. Pot is taken from exchange fees. Gain 1,000 followers on your project profile page and earn 50% off listing fees.

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